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In the recent memory there has seldom been a film that has been panned by critics, has been panned by the media and has become a butt of joke in the world of social media, cyberspace and other forms of platform which sort of define the trend for the happenings these days as it has been with HIMMATWALA. Ajay Devgn would also not have wished for such a birthday gift for himself, as it severely jolted his reputation as the bankable star at the box-office. The kind of flak that HIMMATWALA has received and continues to receive on a minute basis should be an eye opener for Sajid Khan to wake up and smell coffee.


The flak that Sajid Khan has received is akin to the furor that Ram Gopal Verma had faced when he had made his RAM GOPAL VARMA KE AAG , and it indeed is a curious co-incidence that in both the films Ajay Devgn had played an important role.

Sajid Khan had boasted in scores of interviews that in the single screen theatres HIMMATWALA would be a hit and it would Bely all the predictions of doom that people may be prophesizing about his film. But he was living in utopia perhaps.

HIMMATWALA belonged to the eighties when the world of Hindi cinema was going through its worst phase, and it might have been a commercial success during that time, but in the present times, when the world of cinema making is in an interesting time, where happily enough each Friday one or the other quality film is on offer, to pass on a remake of a film like HIMMATWALA by invoking the spirit of an era gone by has not fructified into success, as it was anticipated by Sajid Khan.

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One fact that Sajid Khan blissfully forgot or was rather smug to ignore was that two decades ago there was no entity by the name of social media, internet was not in vogue, telecommunication was in its infancy and people could interact with each other and exchange views when they met. So even if a film was bad, as it did not gather bad publicity fans of cinema used to go out watch the movie, and come back, abuse it and forget about it, but now the rants against a film start appearing from the middle of the film itself. The advent of social media and the new form of communication devices and platforms has made the world of entertainment and for that matter any interaction through a public medium and scores of other such sites laced with ominous portents. Sajid Khan seemed to have forgotten the premise and went ahead to re-create the world of HIMMATWALA and it has boomeranged on him and he does not know what has hit him.

Before making his foray into the world of film making Sajid Khan used to anchor a show on a television channel where he used to review films and he used to rile, pan and ridicule the films in general to create supposed humor. Well, it is the wearer who knows how the shoe pinches and Sajid Khan should now realize it that the crowd has thrown scores of shoes at him and their force is such that he is not able to cover himself, one side or the other is constantly exposed. It would be interesting to watch what ace-if he has any- that Sajid Khan would pull out, he has supposedly to wriggle out of the rigmarole announced that his next is with Big B – but is it going to be?

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