Is Salman Khan playing a ‘little boy’?

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Salman Khan’s much awaited TUBELIGHT teaser was released today. While there were reports around that Kabir Khan’s TUBELIGHT is not an original script but it is actually a remake of Hollywood film LITTLE BOY that released way back in 2015, today when the teaser was unveiled it officially gave a special mention in the end credits.

According to the credit roll of the teaser, it is very well mentioned that TUBELIGHT is based on Hollywood film LITTLE BOY. Of course it was little shocking to discover that indeed Salman’s TUBELIGHT is not the original work. And that induced us to check the trailer of LITTLE BOY.

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Well, after watching the LITTLE BOY trailer it certainly changed our perception for Salman Khan in TUBELIGHT teaser.

Filmmaker Kabir Khan may have done his best to portray Salman Khan as simpleton, loving and charming character and match the innocence & mannerisms on the lines of Hollywood film LITTLE BOY, but the little boy of LITTLE BOY shines out without doubt.

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In fact we believe that this particular role is best suited to a little kid. Salman may have given his heart and soul to the role but a 50-year old actor, who has been rather known for his notorious portrayals & stylish antics, enacting ala little boy seems less relatable.

Having said that, the perception is drawn out mere on the basis of the teaser. You never know if Kabir’s presentation surpasses and proves us wrong once the film releases. Perhaps, Salman is well suited in the Indian remake. Well lets and watch for the film that arrives on Eid.

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