Is Sussanne trying to defend Hrithik post Kangana’s startling revelations?

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Kangana Ranaut is unstoppable no matter whether she is doing any project or not, she somehow always end up grabbing eye balls.

In a series of recent interviews that she has given on national television Kangana bared her heart and opened up like never before on each and every controversy she has been mired in.

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Talking about the legal notice that she was slapped with by her alleged “silly-ex” (as told by Kangana) Hrithik Roshan, Kangana in her interview with Rajeev Masand said that people have been made to have a perception that this case “died on its own” or there was no outcome of it. In fact the actress said that she wants everyone to know that neither Hrithik nor the cyber cell was able to expose the imposter nor they were able to prove any of the allegations that Hrithik had put on her.

Kangana even clarified that people will think that now that her film SIMRAN is about to release and that’s why she is deliberately making all these revelations to seek publicity. Kangana said, “I just want people to know that the case has not died down there is a proper verdict to it and it’s that there was no imposter whom they could find. If people don’t have any clarity then anyone can ask me any question and I am ready to explain.”

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Kangana on ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ went on to say that Hrithik had told her that since he’s a married man he cannot openly acknowledge their relationship and his family system will never allow him to leave Sussanne but then Sussanne herself filed for divorce. Post that Hrithik told Kangana now he can see both of them together and they still have a future.
Now wanting to present her side of story and perhaps in a way defend Hrithik, his ex-wife Sussanne took to a micro-blogging site and shared a picture of her and Hrithik enjoying a helicopter ride. The thing that grabbed everyone’s attention was not the picture but the caption Sussanne used for this particular picture, “There is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #powerofthetruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil.”

Now that both Kangana and Sussanne have said their version of this story how we wish Hrithik too comes forward and clarifies everything once and for all.

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