Is this Kapoor lad losing his worth?

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While the 34 year actor still makes the female folks go weak on their knees with his infectious charm, the same cannot be said about the market. According to rumours making round in the industry, Ranbir kapoor has been asked to ‘reduce’ his price post JAGGA JASOOS debacle.

A source close to the advertisement circles reveal that in spite of giving marvelous performance and hailed as an exceptional talent, the failures have forced a second thought around the advertisement world which strongly believes that Ranbir should consider a reduction in his price if he wants himself to be featured in future assignments.

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There is no official confirmation and we believe this to be just a rumour and hope Ranbir Kapoor also concentrates on his upcoming projects like the biopic on Sanjay Dutt and silence his critics with a runaway hit.

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