Is time travel an integral part of 1920 – EVIL RETURNS?

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1920 – EVIL RETURNS releases tomorrow and also brings with it the memories of Vikram Bhatt's 1920, first film in this franchise, which starred Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma.

"The storyline and characters in 1920 – EVIL RETURNS are completely different though. Only the name is same because the story is based in that era. Yet again, we have gone back in time by close to 100 years. Having said that, the film is not about time travel. Though in HAUNTED, Mahakshay's (Chakraborty) character had gone back and forth in time, there isn't anything of that sort here. Aftab as well as I are seen in the year 1920 itself," rattles down Tia.

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Meanwhile one waits to see the kind of 'dhamaal'' that 1920 EVIL RETURNS makes at the box office. One can sense that though this is director Bhushan Patel's first directorial outing, he is pretty much a student of Vikram Bhatt School of filmmaking.

"Well, Vikram sir and Bhushan sir have been best of friends for a long time; in fact Bhushan was a cinematographer in HAUNTED," reveals Tia, "The only thing that Vikram told Bhushan was to shoot the film in a way he wanted to."

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"He wanted him to go out there and make his own film instead of pressurising himself into making something similar as 1920. As can be seen from the results, Bhushan has done a fantabulous job. With such a fine content made available to him by Vikram and Amin Hajee, he has executed it extremely well."

For that, one would have to wait for 2nd November to arrive once 1920 – EVIL RETURN with music by Chirantan Bhatt, releases all over.

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