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Is Vikram Bhatt traversing Ramu’s way with RAAZ 3?

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The two czar of Horror genre, Vikram Bhatt and Ram Gopal Varma have always been pitted against each other for their films. However, both have a unique style and concept of story-telling and their representation also has been as different as chalk and cheese. The duo has never ventured into each other’s zone. However, this time around, it seems filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is stepping or traversing Ramu’s way.

Puzzled? Well, Vikram’s upcoming film RAAZ 3, starring Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi & Esha Gupta, uses black magic as its theme, which was well told & highlighted by Ram Gopal Varma in his film PHOONK, way back in 2008. Remember, when Ramu had come with PHOONK all the hype and hoopla was around its theme – the black magic. The way Ramu treated the subject and executed was well appreciated and following the success of the first part, he even went ahead making its sequel. However it didn’t fetch him the same response.

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While Ramu’s PHOONK was based on the concept of revenge, Vikram’s RAAZ 3, the third installment of RAAZ franchise, is formed with the concept of jealousy & dark desires. The film shows Bipasha Basu as a fading actress who dabbles in black magic to regain her lost stardom, and finds herself in a world darker than she had imagined.

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Interestingly, like Ramu’s PHOONK even Vikram’s RAAZ 3 has a spooky and eerie background score and daunting music to give that creepy feeling.

Now it is to be seen whether Vikram, like Ramu, can pull off and spell the ‘black magic’ at Box-office with its slick, stylized and sensuous film RAAZ 3, which is slated to release on September 7. Lets wait and watch!

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