JAB TAK HAI JAAN and sexual liberalism

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When the character of Anushka Sharma was introduced on the screen in JAB TAK HAI JAAN, the dialogue that sort of conveyed the portrayal of the character was- she would like to have sex with people from different parts of the world and then think about deciding on life. The nonchalant manner in which the whole dialogue was conveyed on the screen, in JAB TAK HAI JAAN underlined the fact that indeed now sexual liberalism and experiment with various partners for the girls of the present generation is sort becoming an accepted fact of life.

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No wonder, even a Yash Chopra underlined it through his film, and for a YRF film, it indeed was a major watershed, as never before expression of sexual liberalism has been pronounced so profoundly in a YRF film as it was done in JAB TAK HAI JAAN. It needs to be underlined here that Yash Raj Films has been among the few banners which have been rather liberal about portraying scenes of intimacy on the screen, but conveying liberalism through dialogues would have been the first for the banner and it coming from the last film that Yash Chopra has directed, is also a pointer to the fact that indeed, Yash Chopra also understood the changing dynamics of the society, more so among the girls of the present generation who are quite liberal in expression of their sexual preferences.

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One is also reminded of such expression of sexuality by a female actor in 3 IDIOTS where Kareena Kapoor is sort of coercing Aamir Khan to kiss her and when he does not kiss her, remonstrates her with the barb, whether he is an impotent or a gay that he cannot kiss a girl. Indeed, this expression of liberal attitude to sexual choices and preferences underlines the fact that female of the kind is now aware of the sexuality and aspires to find its manifestations without any sense of guilt associated with it. Sex has come out of the closet, and indeed it is also manifest from the scores of surveys that magazines and journals in the country undertake on an yearly basis and which underlines the fact that indeed the idea of sexual liberalism is no more a phenomenon that has metro-centrism embedded to it, rather it has traveled far and wide around the country side. Yash Chopra referring to it JAB TAK HAI JAAN merely underlined a reality. Interestingly enough, it was Shahrukh Khan in JAB TAK HAI JAAN who was provided this information by Anushka Sharma in 2012, while 14 years ago Preity Zinta had popped up this question in a different way to SRK when she had asked her ‘Are you virgin’?, well indeed the question and its connotations are indeed changing for the Indian society.

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