JAB TAK HAI JAAN: Swan song of Yash Chopra

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As JAB TAK HAI JAAN comes to an end, and patrons start walking out, for a change they do not see a song coming as credit numbers but the familiar vista of Yash Chopra with his trade mark cap and each and every one of the patron steps back to see whether Yash Chopra has something to say. Though the realization dawns that it is a footage that has been put in end, there is anticipation that he might say something. Such was the chemistry that Yash Chopra had with his fans, and this is one of the reasons, why JTHJ has been able to collect above 22 crores from all over the country.

view JAB TAK HAI JAAN stills
view JAB TAK HAI JAAN stills

While the film may be a tad long and it has its moments where the story drags, the fans of Yash Chopra continue to throng into the cinema halls to soak into the ambience for the last time of the directorial abilities of Yash Chopra.

Yash Chopra indeed seemed to have inkling that JTHJ would be his last offering, manifest from the fact that it has certain references to his films from the past, films which gave him the cult status. For instance the scene where Neetu Singh gives all the birthday gifts to Katrina, reminiscent of LAMHE, the scene in church where Shah Rukh Khan challenges the god that he has declared a war on him, reminds one of the famous scene from iconic film DEEWAR.

Then the countryside shots of London which have been shot with SRK driving the bike is reminiscent of the shots which were used for the first time in all probability by Yash Chopra in DIL WAALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE. And above all, the eternal lovers of Hindi cinema Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh as a surprise, reminding one of the, they being icons of love in Yash Chopra films in his heydays, in the form of KABHI KABHIE, DOOSRA AADMI etc.


If one has to find the flaws in the film, first and foremost flaw which has not been explained is how SRK becomes a bomb expert; he had a morbid fear of bombs and how he returned back to join the army? Secondly JTHJ being the last film of Yash Chopra there should have been an iconic scene in a chiffon saree which is not there at all. One could say that it is a modern film set in London as also an uber- film where the world of media and army is the context, so saree may not find a place of reference.

One can presume that it could be a pointer to the fact about the changing times about the sarees losing relevance, and therefore may not have found the place, or it could be the untimely death of Yash Chopra that could be the reason for not including the scene. Katrina Kaif when she had appeared in the KBC show had referred about a saree scene being shot in Switzerland.

JTHJ is a treat for all SRK fans as he is in his elements and Katrina Kaif brings in oodles of glamour and sexuality to the film while Anushka Sharma brings in the spunk. As a matter of fact JTHJ is also a film which has predominant moments of eroticism and coming of age about matters pertaining to sex from the perspective of a girl, a sign of Indian female growing and asserting her identity that has been subtly underlined repeatedly in a pronounced manner. JTHJ has indeed been a visual treat to watch.

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