Jacqueline Fernandez talks about how OTT is flourishing

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Jacqueline Fernandez who has made a profound impact on the Indian film industry aptly as “Bollywood’s Miss Sunshine“ is going to be seen slaying it soon in the web film called Mrs Serial Killer, which will mark her digital debut as well. The actress is known to have a vigorous positive aura about her and has delivered some promising performances. 

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The actress has been zealously shooting for a web film, Mrs. Serial Killer which will be a debut for her on the digital platforms. She says that she never thought that foraying into the digital space is a step down from movies.

We take to her when she says, “I’m an avid OTT audience myself and so, it’s only natural for me to be able to extend that. I genuinely feel that it is the future and pretty soon everyone’s going to be moving into OTT,”.

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The actress has an engrossing presence in her performances which keeps the audience of the Indian Cinema stuck to the screens. Jacqueline believes in working diligently and being ardently passionate which helps her in really pushing boundaries.

The audience of the Indian film industry and her fans alike wait to see how Jacqueline Fernandez playing the role of Mrs. Serial Killer and awe-strike all of them with her stunning aura. Jacqueline Fernandez’s previous films assure us that she will have a substantial impact on digital platforms with her digital debut where all her fans are excited!

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