Jacqueline shares her love for cats with adorable goodies

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One of the most active and loved celebrities on social media, Jacqueline Fernandez never misses a chance to exhibit her love for cats. As her love for the adorable kittens is out in display, the actress received customized goodies for her cats.

Jacqueline Fernandez is an avid cat lover and owns four feline pets Yoda, Loki, Xyza, and MiuMiu. The actress is often seen sharing insights into her day while she is at home which majorly features her cats. As a result of her social media display of love, Sketchers India gifted personalized gifts with names of the cats engraved on the goodies.

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Using social media to offer a mirror into her life, Jacqueline Fernandez is amongst the celebrities who prefer to keep it real. The actress uses the medium to influence people as she voices certain issues concerning society and attempts to make a change.

With the help of social media, Jacqueline recently raised funds to rebuild the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala after floods hit the nation. The actress is also an active social figure and uses her fandom to promote environmental awareness by promoting brands that are animal-friendly as well as sharing posts that give out a message to save nature.

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Jacqueline Fernandez addressed the One Young World Event in Hague as she expressed her thoughts about sexual harassment and also represented the voice of animal welfare at the UN on the world animal day as she took 8 million petition signatures voicing her opinion against animal testing.

Apart from Animal welfare, Jacqueline Fernandez also supports Marine Conservation and has been actively contributing to create awareness amongst the masses using social media platforms.

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