Jameela Jamil responds to social media backlash

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Los Angeles, March 8 (IANS) Actress Jameela Jamil says she sometimes gets backlash on social media because she deserves it.

Jamil, who has been candid on social media about her injuries, health issues, and sexuality, sometimes faces ire on social media, where people often call her a liar. Now, Jamil has opened up about how social media attacks affect our society at large and especially how they affect women, reports variety.com.

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“Sometimes when I get backlash on Twitter or social media, it’s because I f***ing deserve it. So you can say I need to be called out and taught, but sometimes I also feel like we are entering an age where — especially women in particular who speak out — if discrediting is the new death, they will kill us,” pointed out Jamil.

“They’ll just smear our name and drag our reputation through the mud with lies and targeted smear campaigns,” Jamil said during the third annual Diane von Furstenberg InCharge Conversations.

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The actress continued: “I cannot stress to you enough that when you see us (actors) being dragged through the mud, yes it is difficult, yes sometimes it can be embarrassing and exhausting. But generally we survive, and you will survive and please do not take this messaging as a signal to you that you shouldn’t speak up and speak out and stand up for what’s right and stick your neck out.”

“I want you to know I’m fine, I’m here sitting with f***ing Gloria Steinem,” she added.

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