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Jamie Dornan on never becoming a comedy star

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Los Angeles, April 19 (IANS) “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan says he really wanted to explore the comedy genre as an actor, but he couldn’t pursue his interest ever since he portrayed role of a serial killer on the series “The Fall”.

Dornan opened up about his love for comedy and why he wasn’t typecast after the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise in an interview with Variety.

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Talking about his upcoming comedy movie “Barb and Star” with Kristen Wiig, Dornan said: “I’m so excited for people to see the movie. I’m so excited to see the movie myself. Years ago, when I first started in the industry, I kind of only really wanted to do comedy and I was sort of making good comedy connections, feeling like I was going to go down that path. And then I did “The Fall”, and if you’re playing a serial killer, nobody’s considering you for comedy.”

“I guess it’s taken me awhile to find my way back to that world. I’ve made enough people giggle along the way. It came about through the directors and producers having seen the chat stuff that I’d done like Graham Norton, where I’ve told loosely funny stories on a sofa during the job,” he explained, adding: “I mean, for my first comedy to be (with Wiig and Annie Mumolo), it’s kind of mind-blowing. We just had such a laugh making that movie in Mexico last summer. It’s a trip, though. I really hope people respond to it. It’s right up my street. They’re some of the funniest days I’ve ever had in my life.”

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After appearing as Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Dornan has featured in independent movies such as “Anthropoid” and “A Private War”.

Asked if he ever was about being typecast after “Fifty Shades”, the actor said: “No, because it was so unique. It can’t be typecast. There aren’t a million scripts lying around about millionaires who are into BDSM.”

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“It always felt like it was this sort of one-all situation. I’ve never done anything close to since and probably never will again, because it’s kind of its own thing. It’s like we did it; it lived in its own world and it was a very big world and a lot of people cared about it. But it’s kind of like, “That was it’,” he added.

After production shut down on “Dr. Death” amid the lockdown, the 37-year-old actor flew back to his home in England, where he is in self-isolation with his wife and three children, reports variety.com.

“I’m a pretty positive person, but I’m acutely aware of the heartbreak, what so many people are going through in losing loved ones and not even being able to say goodbye to them. I think, ‘Just get through today’. You need a schedule. You need a plan. It’s harder if you’re by yourself, but I’ve got three young kids and my wife. We’ve got a proper schedule and we’re sticking to that because I think without that, we’d go mad. If you have a schedule, some sort of focus to get through the day, that definitely helps,a he said about his time in self-isolation.



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