Jasbir: UVAA’s believe that actions speak louder than words!

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Those who have been savouring their daily dose of popular television serials, specially Balaji Telefilms KKAVYANJALI will definitely remember the handsome Jain Nanda, that is actor Vikrant Rai, and director Jasbir B Bhaati.

Well, the good news is that the actor-director duo is all set to conquer the Hindi cinema too via the upcoming topical film, UVAA.

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When we caught up with the director of UVAA, Jasbir, and barraged him about his upcoming flick, he was very forthright and told us, “UVAA is basically about five friends who are students and like any normal teenager of that age.

You see, we criticise the system and everything associated with it but never do anything to change it for the better. But that is not the case in UVAA. These boys come across an injured girl who turns out to be a rape victim and when they help her by getting all the legal and medical help their whole life changes.”

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When we queried Jasbir about four different music directors for UVAA, he elaborated by saying, “We don’t believe in putting mandatory song and dance routine. As you know there are just four songs.

The four different composers are there to give a different mood to each situation.”

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Not willing to let him go without asking him about his KKAVYANJALI actor Vikrant who is also the lead star of UVAA, we queried Jasbir about his views and he told us, “Vikrant is like a younger brother to me. I know him from seven years.

He is very committed and dedicated and I am very satisfied with his work stint and performance in UVAA.”

Well, our talk with Jasbir Bhaati not only made us more curious about the 26th June release UVAA, but also the next TV star, Vikrant Rai, who is sure to make his presence felt on the big screen.

To know about what Vikrant says, keep tuned to your favourite portal.

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