Jaspal Bhatti: Power cut for the king of comedy!

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Who would have thought the latest film that has hit cinema halls today made by the famous comedian Jaspal Bhatti, POWER CUT, would become a metaphorical reality for him as well? After an event of promoting the film the thespian comedian was returning back to Chandigarh when his car met with an accident and the comedian suffered a ‘Power Cut’ from his life.

view POWER CUT stills
view POWER CUT stills

Long before fighting against corruption came to centre stage, Jaspal Bhatti through his show ‘Ulta Pulta’ had been highlighting various nuances of corruption that have plagued the nation. So right from the Prime Minister of the country to the actors of the likes of Anupam Kher, Rishi Kapoor, Akshay Kumar etc., all expressed shock at his sudden death, and the state to which he belonged; Punjab has gone into undeclared mourning. His popularity among the masses was manifest from a tweet that was sent after his death: “If life is theatre, then death of Jaspal Bhatti is the biggest flop show of god.”

He had played important roles in the films like FANAA , KUCHH MEETHA HO JAYE , TUJHE MERI KASAM, HAMARA DIL AAPKE PAAS HAI, JAANAM SAMJHA KARO, MAHAUL THEEK HAI, AA AB LAUT CHALEN etc. Be it policy paralysis or the sham in education system (even before 3 IDIOTS had highlighted it) Jaspal Bhatti had dwelt on in detail through his shows.

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An example would illustrate his sense of satire: In one of the shows he is shown sitting outside an office while a guest comes to meet the officer inside, when he goes inside, he meets a parrot, shocked he comes out and confronts Bhatti, Bhatti says when officers narrate instructions like a parrot, better it is to teach the parrot few words-like lets form a committee, let’s fix a new meeting:, why pay for uttering it?

He was a committed follower of cinema who never allowed lack of funds to hamper him in converting his ideas into films and television shows and kept on creating new frontiers of success with his various films. His most famous film was MAHAUL THEEK HAI, which though has been shot in Punjabi is a visual treat for non-Punjabis to understand how deeply he had the grasp on social malaise, and how subtly was he able to communicate it without hurting any sensibilities. The politicians and the bureaucrats dreaded his shows as they did not know when their acts of commission and omissions could be highlighted by Bhatti.

He indeed was the Kejriwal of comedy and though POWER CUT has been affected on his physical self, the volume of work that he has left behind would continue to enthrall the generations for all times to come. May he create funny moments in the abode of gods.

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