Jenna Dewan lived with Peruvian tribe to heal

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Actress Jenna Dewan has said that she lived in Peru with a tribe for two weeks to "heal" after her split from actor Channing Tatum. "It's no secret I had, like, a very intense year and a lot of change. I'm a hippie at heart. I'm sort of a seeker. I sort of like to do practices and rituals and things that sort of connect me to something greater than myself, like bigger than myself," Dewan said. She added: "Through that, I used a lot of those sort of techniques to help me through change and crazy year."

She has penned the book "Gracefully You: How to Live Your Best Life Every Day" about her "personal" experiences in Peru and said that she found the whole process very "cathartic", reports

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She said: "There's a lot of personal stories, there's a lot that I go into. I went to Peru, I lived there for two weeks with this tribe. I've always been that type of person."

On writing the book, which is released in October, she said: "It was really cathartic and actually fun to write this."

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Dewan filed for divorce from the MAGIC MIKE XL star Tatum last October, after almost nine years of marriage. The former couple confirmed their split in April last year.

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