Jhalki: A tale of courage and bravery

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One of the true stories based on the life of a young girl which explores her courage and bravery to find her missing brother is all that you need to watch now.

Presenting to you the story of Jhalki.

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The story revolves on the life of a young girl named Jhalki is all set on a journey to find her lost brother who becomes the victim of a child trafficking ring.

The movie stars Boman Irani, Divya Dutta, Tannishtha Chatterjee in pivotal roles.

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As per the recent trailer released, we find that a young girl fights all odds only to find her brother who has vanished in thin air. As and when she goes ahead in the investigation, she faces a lot of problems.

But what we see is that her grit and determination to find her brother are still with her and we find that she is in a maze where without any clue she goes ahead with her work.

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Also, we find that a lot of people are ought to help her but what we see is that without any advanced gadgets, without any technology she is still roaming the streets to find her lost brother.

Will she be able to find her brother??

Check out the trailer below to see more.

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