Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jigar Saraiya re-lives childhood on birthday amid COVID-19

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New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) Jigar Suraiya, of the popular composer duo Sachin-Jigar, has turned 35 on Sunday. Since there is a lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, he planned to re-live his childhood by celebrating with homemade food and cake.

“Plans are to relive childhood. Like how we used to stay at home and celebrate the birthday with homemade food, cake and the environment at home. What can be better than that?” Jigar told IANS.

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Jigar, who is known for his work on numbers like “Laadki” and “Don’t be shy again” among many others, says it took him time to understand the “new life” amid coronavirus.

“When the lockdown happened it took me a couple of days to understand that this is like a new life for coming few days and I am an over thinker, so most of my time goes into thinking about those who are daily wage workers, how are they eating and surviving. I realised the other part of me is very emotional. I have started to feel way more than what I generally used too,” he said.

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He said he found staying home for 21-day stretch a tad overwhelming.

“But yeah, in terms of spending time, we are in the kind of industry who constantly keep travelling, so getting a 21-day at a stretch is a little overwhelming… But all said and done, this is the time I am thinking as much about the world as my family,” he said.

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