Jimmy Shergill caught between Akshay Kumar & Manoj Bajpai

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It is a known fact that SPECIAL 26 is a film about the battle between fake and real CBI with Akshay Kumar leading the former and Manoj Bajpai in charge of the latter. However what is not known is that the man who is caught between the crossfire is none other than Jimmy Shergill himself.

download SPECIAL 26 wallpapers
download SPECIAL 26 wallpapers

“In the film, Jimmy plays the part of Ranveer Singh. He is someone who seeks vengeance from Akshay, Anupam Kher and their gang since they con him. On the other hand Bajpai and his team too nail him down. Such are the circumstances in the film that he is caught between the real and fake CBI,” informs a source.

For someone who had played a much celebrated cop in director Neeraj Pandey’s debut outing A WEDNESDAY, Jimmy finds himself cornered this time around.

Laughs Jimmy, “Aur kya, mujhe choona lagaa ke laate hain yeh log. I end up getting screwed from both ends. I want my revenge and though I know that it would take time, I make sure to finish the story.”

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Regardless of the on-screen conflict, off screen it was fabulous for Jimmy to re-unite with his A WEDNESDAY co-star Anupam Kher.

Says Jimmy, “We have been interacting since the days of MOHABBATEIN. He is much senior to me but due to the familiarity factor we had a great time though. During this film, I met Akshay for a film’s shoot for the first time ever in my career. There is this respect factor that I carry for him.”

We would love to see how the on-screen conflict plays though once the film releases all over this Friday.

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