Joe Jonas speaks about his marriage

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Singer Joe Jonas married Turner in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas on May 1 after the Jonas Brothers performed at the Billboard Awards.

He says his parents found out he'd married actress Sophie Turner in Vegas from the Internet.

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During an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", Joe revealed that his parents found out that he and Sophie had tied the knot from the Internet rather than hearing the news from him.

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The revelation comes just days after the Jonas Brothers singer admitted that wedding guest Diplo "ruined" their surprise wedding by live-streaming it on Instagram.

Speaking about his "quickie" wedding, Graham asked Joe if his parents now know that he's married to Sophie, after their recent nuptials in Las Vegas, reports

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Joe revealed: "They do, the Internet told them! I'm still trying to make it better!"

While Joe's parents found out thanks to the Internet, Sophie's mother Sally told MailOnline: "Sophie did call me before. She said, 'mum, I'm getting married in Vegas'."

With a big smile on her face, she added: "I am absolutely delighted and so is my husband Andrew."

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