John Abraham EXCLUSIVELY reveals this about Akshay Kumar!

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John Abraham is one of the fittest actors in B-town; he has been training hard for years now. In fact while filming for FORCE 2 he hurt his knee and underwent surgery for the same; however that didn’t stop him to shoot, just after his recovery he was back in action.

Few days back John Abraham posted a video on his micro blogging site where he was undergoing physiotherapy for his knee and also captioned the video as, “When we say 'blood and sweat' goes into a film. We mean it. On my way to 3 knee surgeries while shooting for FORCE 2.”

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And the video is surely not for weak heart as one can see the pain and blood on John’s knee which will make you feel for him.

However John is fine and recuperating as well and is promoting his film FORCE 2. During exclusive interview with the cast of FORCE 2, when the reporter asked John about the video that he shared on social media showing his knee surgery, John said, “I am fine now, the video is old and thankfully I am recuperating well.”

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Further when asked John according to him who has a good physique he added, “Undoubtly its Akshay Kumar who is fit.”

Well we believe John and Akshay both these boys are fit don’t you agree!

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