John Abraham: We are playing it safe with MADRAS CAFE

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Promo of MADRAS CAFE has released and in producer-actor John Abraham‘s own words, the film is indeed one of his most ambitious till date. Considering the fact that he started his journey as a producer with VICKY DONOR and is exploring yet another untried and untested subject for his next film, MADRAS CAFE appears to be nothing less than a brave move indeed.

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“After collaborating with director Shoojit Sircar on VICKY DONOR, he could well have opted for another light hearted film. However he decided to explore another set of target audience, which is much more inclined towards cinema of international class and calibre. He felt that with MADRAS CAFE, he could push the bar and bring Bollywood and Hollywood closer. It was a risky decision indeed but with the promo getting such a fabulous response, all apprehensions can finally be put to rest. He could have played safe but he didn’t,” says an industry insider.


Quiz John about this and he smiles, “Well, if you ask me then in a lot of way we are playing it safe with MADRAS CAFE. It has got all the elements of a great looking film, it has great music and it has great looking ladies. What makes it different from other films though is that it would also make you think. Like for example, when you were through watching ‘Schindler’s List’, you were left thinking. Ours is a film which is very high on content. It is on the lines of ARGO, JFK, SYRIANA, BODY OF LIES and more. I hope this film could be India’s answer to Hollywood in a way.”

Meanwhile as for his ‘desi’ outings on the lines of VICKY DONOR, there is HAMAARA BAJAJ that he intends to start soon with Shoojit and Ayushmann Khurranna.

Says John, “Yes, that’s a film which would take us back into the VICKY DONOR space. It is a mixed bag of goodies that I plan to bring out of JA Entertainment. Audiences are being prepared for being offered not one particular kind of films. We are going to come up with content that is credible and probably at times, even incredible.”

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