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John roots for SRK: I do not support detention

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John Abraham is shocked. Just yesterday a leading newspaper carried out an article which claimed that the actor-producer supported Shahrukh Khan‘s detention at a US airport. Baffled with the way the write up came across on print and especially the fact that the content in as per his quotes didn’t justify the headline at all, John has taken matters in his own hands and has come down heavily on the developments.

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”In my career I have never seen such a misleading headline around what I said and the way it came on print. More than anything else, what disturbs me most is that this completely blemished my very thought process,” says John without mincing any words, ”It is alarming that a journalist can be irresponsible to put out such misleading quote in a leading newspaper. This is completely uncalled for and there is need for action.”

With the article claiming that John felt Shahrukh’s detention was justified, the actor is puzzled since he feels on the contrary.

”If at all there is anything which is true, the fact is that I completely support and empathise with what Shahrukh has gone through because I have gone through a similar situation in the past,” says John, ”Once on my trip to the US, I was interrogated by authorities for six hours. I was in a situation where I was held in an area that only had coloured people being detained. All of that because I had Afghanistan in my passport. Anyone in his sane state of mind would agree that detention is hardly pleasant. In that case how in the world can I support detention of Shahrukh or any other person for that matter.”

He goes on to narrate his side of the story about what he actually said and meant.

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”If anybody really read carefully about what I said, or was construed what I said, they would understand what I truly meant. Every country has the right to protect their homeland but not to the point of being irrational. I also said that if I have to use a ‘politically incorrect term’ then that would be that racial profiling has indeed happened,” he says.

Calming down a little, he says, ”I am an objective person and I do have problem with people who are being profiled when they enter USA or for that matter any country. This is irrational and I am also including India here when people have trouble entering the country; I make no bones about it.”

Continuing his support for Shahrukh, John adds, ”I completely empathise and understand what Shahrukh has gone through. In fact he is absolutely gracious with the way he has handled the situation. Also, I am sure that even my audience would not believe that I could have ever made a statement like that, not just necessarily against Shahrukh but anybody in this human race who is treated with unjust.”

On a final note, John declares, ”Let me set the record straight – ‘I do not support detention’.”

Point well made John.

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