Juhi Chawla: SRK picked up kkk… Kiran from yashji

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Juhi Chawla is one actor whom we have all grown up watching she has entertained us in various films on 90’s, who can forget the cult film DARR, ISHQ and many more. She is a successful businesswoman as well as an actor who doesn’t shy away from portraying roles that give meaning to life.

Her last film CHALK & DUSTER was one such film that people loved and changed the perceptive of many. She was also seen in Alt Balaji’s The test case and her recent appearance was in ZERO. She will now be seen in Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor starter Ek ladki ko deka toh aisa laga.

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In conversation with Juhi as she speaks about the film, her journey in films as well as how the content of cinema has changed over the years.

Excerpts from the interview

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The trailer looks promising what made you say yes to EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA?
I got a call from Vinod sir itself. When they were writing this film and this character, Vinod sir said Juhi will play the role Post which I heard the role and the whole script, and I readily accepted the script. Unsoundly it’s one of the most fantastic script I’ve ever heard. Perfectly blended, I loved the whole shooting experience as well.

The film brings you and Anil Kapoor together after a long time. Is this one of the reason you said yes to this film?
No, I was doing it because I loved the script. Even while negotiations were going on, I told them whatever you decide but only I am going to do this role. Because first of all, it suits me so well and secondly, why would I let something so well written go away.

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How was it reuniting with Anil Kapoor after 10 years?
The last film we did together was SALAAM-E-ISHQ. It was wonderful working with him, not much has changed. He’s just as hard working now as he used to be before. And also very committed.

Sonam and Anil Kapoor working together for the first time, if you could share some anecdotes from the set
(Laughs), That was the most amusing part for me on the sets. Sometimes she would bully him, it was very cute to see that. But otherwise she was very attentive and mindful. Once we were shooting in Punjab and it was very cold and it was 3am in the morning. And Sonam was just fed up and wasn’t ready to shoot. So Shelly looked at Anil, then his instant reaction was, don’t look at me, she’s an adult, I can’t tell her anything. It was really funny and sweet.

What changes have you seen in the film industry from 90s till now?
The technology has changed, people write the complete scripts but the heart of the matter remains the same. Even today, if the script is not right, no matter how much you edit it or put money in it, you get to know that you didn’t have it in hand from the first step. But if you spend time putting the script right then chances are more of it doing good.

What kind of scripts are you looking at now?
I was doing lovely little film with Chintu sir (Rishi Kapoor) for which I was supposed to start shooting in October. But then after starting the shoot, he had to rush for check ups. But I’m looking for a great script at any time. It should be enjoyable, when I’m listening to it, it should hold my attention and it should have a good beginning, mid and an end then I feel satisfied.

Even at this stage of your career what keeps you motivated and inspired?
I really feel blessed and thank God that he gave me such wonderful work to do in life. I’m very thankful for everything.

DARR is still watched and loved by many the dialogues are mouthed do you think this film was the turning point of your career?
For me the iconic part was working with Yash sir. I was shocked that I was going to be a Yash Chopra heroine. That time my mind blew away. But that also scared me because I had to do my best. Although it worked out beautifully. I was happy to work with him and Sunny sir to one always looked upto and Shah Rukh was a familiar territory. But otherwise it was a new platform for me. Actually, Yash sir used to fumble a little and Shah Rukh picked it up from there and made up “kkkk…Kiran” and this got so much attention. You can never imagine what thing would get picked up.

Do you think the definition of love has changed over the years? We hardly see such chemistry between actors.
Yeah, I miss him. I was thinking that always in his films, the heroines looked fabulous and the story was lovely. He presented them in such a romantic way, whether it was VEER ZARA, LAMHE or CHANDNI. And the songs also added to the film. Now such movies are barely made.

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