Jyoti Sethi: PHULLU was a nalayak sort of a guy!

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Actress Jyoti Sethi can be called a pan India actress. Reason? Well , she has worked in Hindi as well as Telugu movies, and her next, PHULLU, is with the team associated with big Punjabi ventures!

As is known, PHULLU is basically a satire on women health issues, such as the menstrual cycle, something which has been kept under wraps, as far as discussions go.
When we caught up with Jyoti and asked her about the subject being a taboo, as far as the masses go, she had an interesting retort, ”I know that. In fact that is our aim. The elite don’t shy away from discussing these issues, but the masses do, so we want to take it to them, in an interesting sort of way.”
When we asked her about Sharib Hashmi, the talented FILMISTAN, star and how she got the role, Jyoti revealed, “Sharib saw me on Instagram and immediately wanted me to be on board for PHULLU.I was shooting for a Telugu film but thankfully, we met through a common person and that’s it. I was extremely happy to be opposite Sharib, as I really loved his FILMISTAN act!”
The good looking Jyoti concluded by talking about her role in PHULLU, ”Actually Sharib plays the title role of PHULLU, a nalayak or good for-nothing sort of character, who does not do anything for her mother but just keeps doing small errands in the village.

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So everyone says ‘let’s get him married, he’ll be alright’, and it happens. Soon PHULLU gets to hear things about women’s health issues, like sanitary pads, and he asks questions about such things from me (his wife), something he could never ask his mother about .And that is how a new journey starts for him. Not supposed to reveal the climax, you have to check it out.”
We have a goodm ind to do so, mid-June, when PHULLU hits the screens, and are quite sure that the talented actress that Jyoti is, will come up with another good act!

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