KAI PO CHE: Intensity of performance is underlining motif

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Apart from the fact that KAI PO CHE! could be the first film which has been premiered on a Monday, it also is one of those rare films which is characterized by intensity of performance, be it from the actors, the manner in which it has been directed, the musical score and the locales where it has been shot.

view KAI PO CHE! stills
view KAI PO CHE! stills

The intensity of performance in KAI PO CHE! emanates from the fact that the three famous pastimes of average Indians, cricket, politics and cinema have been inter-meshed in such a cohesive manner, that it leaves a feeling of numbness in the end. Each strand associated with cricket, film and politics has been woven so neatly into the script thanks to writing by Chetan Bhagat and exemplary direction by Abhishek Kapoor that the shawl that has been woven ultimately could emerge as one of the best pashmina shawls for the year by the film industry.

KAI PO CHE! is a celebration of youth power and the nervous energy that it is endowed with, which is defining the contours of politics and economics of the country. The three youths of the film portray the existentialist dilemma that is being by their generation, whether they should also look for social relevance as well, or continue to be obsessed with the careers to make a mark in the life?

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One hopes that KAI PO CHE! would be able to unravel the madness that the common citizen of the country has about cricket, cinema and politics, and the effects that it is making on the process of growth and the ethos of the country.

One only hopes that way ROCK ON!! stirred the consciousness of the nation, KAI PO CHE! would also do the same, albeit with a difference, as ROCK ON! had an element of upper crust of the society associated with it, while KAI PO CHE! moves 180 degree to present the angst and ambitions of the youth which is the average youth, not associated with public schools and the English speaking category.

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