Kamal Haasan: Rajinikanth & I are stiff competitors

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Where Bollywood stars shy away or refrain or are politically correct about their equations or rivalry with their contemporaries, southern superstar Kamal Haasan quite candidly talks about it.

Recently when we probed Kamal Haasan if he keeps up Rajnikanth as his close competitor, as we know the duo share a similar kind of stature & respect, he candidly admitted about it. Nevertheless, a healthy competition!


He said, ”He’s very good. We treat each other as very stiff competitors. Fortunately, we belong to the same institute called Mr. A. Bbalachandra. So, we are both friends and competitors.”

Further talking about his equation with legendary Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan said, ”I’m concerned when he does something dangerous. Whether he is in good or bad health, I always want to know about him. When he was admitted in the hospital we all were worried and I even met him. He came back and thanked me…But yes we are competitors…in fact huge competitors.”

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When we asked Kamal if he has watched any of Rajinikanth’s films, he said, ”I want to see some of his films but what usually happens is when you are busy with your own films you hardly get chance of watching others’ films. You only see your films. Having said that, I have watched his ROBOT 100 times. In fact, even more now as competitor I must see his films. We constantly keep a check on each other’s work. And if something good comes up we try to apply in our films.”

For now Kamal Haasan is gearing up for his upcoming action extravaganza VISHWAROOP, set to release on 11th January 2013.

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