Kangana Ranaut: ”I do feel alone sometimes”

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Kangana Ranaut is on fire these days she is going all out and speaking about the most controversial chapters of her life.

During a candid interview for SIMRAN when asked her that's she is battling everything alone is it lonely to be on the top? Kangana said, ''I believe as long as you have family and friends beside you, it isn't lonely. However, you know, as they say someone is alone even in a crowd – I do feel that way sometimes. I have friends in the industry who support and love me, and are there for me when I need them.''

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Furthermore when asked her how does she take criticism to which she averred, ''It is for them (women) that I speak. When Karan Johar or Hrithik Roshan say anything about me and when I am shooting, I don't have time to react. I don't react for months. And because I am working, I never abandon my character for my personal gains. Whenever I get the time and I meet media, I talk. I am going to speak up for them who care, who write long open letters and write loving stories of faith and women empowerment. I speak for them.'' klgirls

SIMRAN hits the screens on coming Friday.

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