Kangana Ranaut: If feminine ceases to exist then the world will become absolutely ugly

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Kangana Ranaut is known for her straightforward attitude and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind.

At the global sub-forum of 2nd XIN philanthropy conference in Delhi, Kangana was Asked about how women of today are playing different roles and taking up new challenges. Replying to that Kangana said, “Everybody knows their own challenges every day. Like A housewife sometimes has more challenges than an actress on a set. So, I really don't have a specific advice. But people who are working, now the roles have changed drastically and women who are in the position of power they find very hard to manoeuvre around men because they are not used to seeing women in power.”

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She went on to add that women of power in workplaces often get bullied or harassed and even taken for a ride. “Somebody who is much inferior, very much junior to them can answer back and say things which are downright nasty and horrible. So, women in a position of power are very vulnerable these days and it is very unfortunate that some of us are succumbing to be very masculine and absolutely macho, which is not the right way to go. I feel that women are absolutely beautiful and if feminine ceases to exist then the world will become absolutely ugly. Even though it is very hard to be receptive, feminine, genteel, beautiful and getting things done, we need a lot of support and cooperation for feminine to continue in workplaces. We are going to make work look more beautiful and prettier,” shares Kangana.

Now that is really some serious food for thought!

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