Kangana Ranaut: Knowingly or unknowingly I end up hurting men’s ego

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Kangana is not just a feisty actress on screen but in real life as well she is as blunt and honest as most of her on-screen characters are. At the trailer launch of her upcoming film SIMRAN, director Hansal was asked if Kangana was his first choice for this film, and the director came with a quick reply, “I had Kangana in my mind even before writing the script. I have been pursuing Kangana since 2014 and have narrated her so many stories. I think it’s all about destiny that Kangana finally liked this script and the character of Praful.”

He further added, “Actually, many years back right after GANGSTER I had called Kangana to my office for a narration. And I gave her a narration very confidently thinking there’s no way she will refuse it. Even if others refuse it but Kangana will most certainly say yes.” Interrupting him Kangana added, “Yeah you thought yeh toh kar hi legi isko na English aati hai, yeh pahadi hai.

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Hansal continued, “But she refused my film!” at this point Kangana added, “I don’t even remember this incidence but later my manager said that this incident did happen. Hansal told me that his ego was hurt after I refused his film. Yeh Meri Zindagi Ki Kahani Hai Chaahe Mujhe Yaad Ho Ya Nahi Lekin Ego Main Zarur Hurt Karti Hu.

Well in a jest Kangana actually spoke the truth of her life as we all know how many ego clashes her upfront and blatant attitude has caused in this industry. But that’s what we love Kangana for as she doesn’t care what other people think about her and sticks to her convictions.

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