Humour : Kangana Ranaut announces her biopic Mental Nahi Judgmental Hu Mein


The Kangana Ranaut controversy has a new twist; the actress is set to feature in her own biopic.

 How this happened, ‘overnight’ here are the details brought exclusively by our friend from the neighborhood Bollywood Filmy Imli.

Back from the embarrassment where Kangana had an ugly spat with journalist Justin Rao during the promotion of her upcoming black comedy JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA, that triggered the movement where Press Club Of India, TV Journalist group and backed EJG on boycotting Kangana Ranaut, the actress is pissed off. She calls producer Mani Kapoor and expresses her feelings that is straight from that crying seen from her first shot to major success QUEEN.


Kangana : Mani ji (sob, sob), Mani Ji ( again sob sob)
Mani Kapoor : Yes my dear, what happened why are you crying
Kangana : What wrong have I done. Is it wrong to make a movie on Rani Laxmibai. Is it wrong to fall in love, Is it wrong to have an opinion, is it wrong to raise a voice against nepotism and rights for women. Is it wrong ( sob, sob again).

Mani Kapoor : No not all. You are a warrior, a warrior never cries.
Kangana : Then why there is a smear campaign against me.
Mani Kapoor : I don,t know. May be some people are jealous of your success.

Kangana : Yes. People are jealous of my success. Am an outsider and I have made my mark. Fought nepotism and got what I deserved.
Mani Kapoor : You know the answer then why are you upset.
Kangana : People should appreciate my concerns and the stand I take against favoritisms and nepotism in industry. From an actor I graduated to a writer, director but people and this media is targeting me and calling me an opportunist who starts playing the feminist card during the time of her movie release and uses the issue for her benefit.


Mani Kapoor : There will be criticisms and naysayers even question God. We are just human begins.
Kangana : I came from a small town to this junction. I need more followers and more positivity. Why am I not taken as a diva, the way Aishwarya, Deepika etc are taken?
Mani Kapoor : You have done an outstanding job by reaching here and talent is the thing that stays. Apart from acting talent which you have in abundance on and off screen  There is a code of conduct. An art of carrying yourself. Just sounding repetitive and telling the same stories, playing the victim card doesn,t help. People stop taking you seriously. Just ignore the criticisms do your good work. Don’t give an impression that you are paranoid and the world is planning a smear campaign against you. Good work will speak.

Kangana : From where is all this coming to you. Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho, kaha se aati hai yeh gandi soch. 
Mani Kapoor : What did I say to annoy you. I only said forget the negativity. If you are good and honest nothing else matters. Your work will show. People will point out but you should have an open mind to criticism and please come with something new on public domain.
Kangana : Ah.. now I get it.. you are part of that smear campaign against me. I called you for help and you are criticizing me.

Mani Kapoor : You are losing it my dear and very fast am afraid.  
Kangana : You have lost it. You think a woman cannot rule the industry. I will show you. I called you for an idea of a biopic, my true story but now there is a change. You asked for a change right?. Here is that change. I will act, write, direct and produce my own biopic I don’t need producers who are part of the smear campaign against me.
Mani Kapoor: Awesome!. All the best to you. And who will be the co actors to play Hrithik, Aditya, Adhyayan, Krish etc.


Kangana : You only said I am an outstanding actress so I will play multiple roles with prosthetic make up doing the rest. We have grown so much in the makeup department.
Mani Kapoor : And who will play the journalist Justin who had a spat with you last night . From co actors to directors and now journalists, when and where it will end?.
Kangana : Of course, me with a mind blowing prosthetic make up and twist in the story, the truth from my side.

Mani Kapoor : Phew..what will be the title?
Mani Kapoor : Seems like a sequel to JUDGMENTAL HAI KYA

Kangana : What’s wrong in acting and producing your own biopic. I have a story to say. I should not say my story?. Why are you criticizing me for the title?. Why are running a smear campaign against me.


Mani Kapoor:. You can write, direct and produce your own biopic and I pray that God helps you in that. But before that, you will have to mend your ways or else you will have to not only act, direct, write and produce your own movies, you will have to end up watching it by yourself alone.

(Disclaimer: The above article is the author’s light hearted take on the serious attack on the integrity of honest media personnel who were labeled as ‘bikau’ and deshdrohi’ by the said actress with a hope that sense will prevail. The website doesn’t hold any responsibility)



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