Kangana Ranaut: Working with children is difficult

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Kangana Ranaut has been in news for all her recent statements and straight talk on national television. The actress is also promoting her upcoming film SIMRAN with all her heart which is set to release on September 15.

Post SIMRAN Kangana will go back to shooting for her next film MANIKARNIKA which is 30 percent over.

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Post wrapping MANIKARNIKA, Kangana will venture into direction with a film named TEJU, which happens to be a children’s film.

During media interactions for her film SIMRAN, Kangana spilled the beans on her directorial debut project TEJU and said, “I will start working on my directorial debut TEJU once I complete shooting for MANIKARNIKA, which is 30 percent over. TEJU is under the process. It will be a nice journey; I am looking forward to it. It is a children’s film, and I have a lot of ideas and excitement for it. But it will be a difficult project to pull off. It is a family-children-drama. It will be a light-hearted film; I can’t call it comedy, but most definitely a nice film. This is what I wanted to do.”

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Kangana, as we know as of now, is going to play the role of an eighty-year-old in this film, so when we asked her how is she going to prepare for the look of her character, and whether she will be using prosthetics for the same. She said, “Yes, we are going to use prosthetics, special effects, body double, and all kind of techniques that will be required.”

Kangana also spoke on how it is to work on kids. “Kids are very hard to handle! I like children, but to work with kids. Oh…oh god…their sleeping time and you know… But in my film there are kids (smiles)” she revealed.

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