Kangana’s ‘Single Rehne De’ is an anthem for every single girl out there!

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QUEEN Kangana Ranaut is back with yet another exciting film SIMRAN. After garnering praises for its trailer and first song ‘Lagdi Hai Thaai’ , the film’s second song ‘Single Rehne De’, is out now.

‘Single Rehne De’ is definitely going to become an anthem for all single out there as they will totally relate to it.

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The lyrics of the song penned by Vayu are quirky and funny. Overall the song is peppy and funny number which will make you grove on it right away.

Opening of this song has a tint of Kangana’s Gujarati accent(she plays a Gujju girl in SIMRAN) and the first few stanzas of the song has a Gujju tadka to it which makes it fun to listen.

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Especially the stanza, “Hafte Mein Chaar Aise Bekaar Rishtey Lekar Aate Ho, Jaise Daily Mall Mein Window Shopping Karne Jaate Ho. Phir Laakhon Mein Ek Aisa Sample Dhoondkar Laoge Aur Bina Meri Marzi Usse Shaadi Bhi Karwaoge… Papa Happy Hun Happy Rehne De, Single Rehne De.” will make every single girl relate to it completely.

Kangana has a perfect reply to all those parents who are eager to get their daughters married with or without their consent. The song perfectly describes what single girls go through in their life.

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