Karan Grover: ‘Spotlight 2’ gave me chance to change on-screen image

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Actor Karan V Grover who is playing a rock star in the new web series titled SPOTLIGHT 2, written and produced by Vikram Bhatt, says this show has given a chance to change his image of a "good boy".

The story of the show revolves around the singer, Vicky, who goes through very emotional highs and lows in his journey as a musician.

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Asked about what made him choose the show, Karan told IANS here that "this web series given me a chance to change my image as an actor. So far I have never played a guy who has so much emotional ups and downs through the whole show.

"He is a musician who reaches the pinnacle of success and then falls down to a level from where he becomes life threat for himself, under the influence of drugs."

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According to him, there are some moments where Karan felt quite scared to depict the destructive nature of his character.

"Since there are no similarities the character has with me as an individual, there are some points of the shooting I felt really scared of him. I mean Vicky does drugs, smoke cigarettes, takes his achievements, people and his loved ones for granted and has every bad habit. So, yes, I had no hangover of Vicky but thinking about the existence of such a character scared me.

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"I do not smoke; neither do I encourage smoking to anyone. But, during the scenes I smoked and later I started worrying about if I am getting addicted to it," he added.

Since he is playing a character that has many grey shades and does much wrong, Karan, asked how he convinced himself to play it, said: "Well, I take all my opinion and throw them out of the window when I am playing a character. My individual opinion does not come in between; on set, I am following the vision of the director."

Starting his career with TV show "Saarrthi", he appeared in several daily soaps like "Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki", "Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed" among many others. in fact, he bagged Kalakar Awards in Best Actor category for "Punar Vivah".

Though he acted in only one film WEDDING PULLAV in 2015, Karan, asked about if he wants to explore Bollywood more, said: "I have worked in television for 10 years. So for me, TV and web are my primary interest and getting a film is a matter of opportunity. If it comes my way, I will explore. Meanwhile, I will be doing TV and digital shows. I am happy with it."

Produced and written by Bhatt and directed by Suhail Tatari, SPOTLIGHT 2 featuring him and Aditi Arya is streaming on digital platform Viu.

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