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Karan Johar roasts Farah Khan in Insta reel: ‘You look slimmer and the earth is flat’

Karan Johar roasted his close friend - choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan in an Instagram reel

Bollywood producer-filmmaker Karan Johar, recently roasted his close friend – choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan in an Instagram reel. Farah took to her Instagram to share a reel featuring KJo and celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

Captioning the reel, she wrote, “The reel u didn’t know u needed?? my obsession @karanjohar n guest appearance by @manishmalhotra05.”

The video opens with Farah Khan saying, ‘Who is this? Oh my god, it’s Karan Johar, what are you wearing? To this, KJo replies explaining what he’s wearing, “I am in my oversized Balenciaga, let me tell you something about this brand.”

But Farah interjects and says that she doesn’t want to hear him, she turns the camera to Manish Malhotra who says, “Karan wears the most expensive clothes and keep talking about his looks but I look better.” To which Farah replies, “You do look better because you are very handsome, and you are handsome also Karan.”

Hopping on the perfect moment to land his punchline, Karan Johar goes all guns blazing saying, “Manish is handsome I’ve to admit it but look at who we are looking at. The glamorous icon Farah Khan in the house.” And with a flat expression, he adds, “She’s looking slimmer, and the earth is flat.” Even Farah couldn’t control her laughter after hearing from what came out of Karan’s mouth.


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