Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Karan Oberoi breaks down into tears after watching ‘Section 375’

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#MenToo frontrunner Karan Oberoi broke down into tears after watching this year’s most-talked-about film ‘SECTION 375’. The movie, which tells the disturbing reality behind fake rape cases filed against men, was screened by writer of the film Manish Gupta and Karan. 

The two have come together to fight the menace of fake rape cases in India, and help MRAs (Men's’ Rights Activists) spread awareness about it. 

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When asked about the movie and screenings, Karan said, “Films like SECTION 375’ are very pertinent movies as they are a mirror to our society. I strongly believe that films cater to mass media and hence can make people see the fault lines that exist within our society. The fact that we have an evolved and more receptive audiences to this form of storytelling, is a testimony to the fact that a lot of people are waking up to this harsh reality that plagues our nation”.

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The actor-singer landed up in one such controversy a few days back, and it nearly destroyed him. He lived through the trauma but luckily came out of it because of the love and support that was showered on him. 

Further appreciating the movie, he said, "Watching something of that sort (the movie) was almost cathartic to experience on screen. My association with this film is only to the extent that I understand and appreciate that it’s a very well researched, documented and written film and that the writer has put pain sticking efforts, showing the actual reality of our judicial/societal lapses on celluloid and am a big fan of the writer Manish Gupta for that. 

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We have decided to come together and take this initiative forward by exploring synergies and make the other affected voices heard in the best possible ways.”“Justice has to be gender-neutral,” he concludes. These screenings are part of a campaign that’s demanding from lawmakers, gender-equality in law.

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