Karan Oberoi: Felt good to create original songs in age of remixes

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Mumbai, March 23 (IANS) Singer Karan Oberoi, who has come out with a new song “Nain ladalein”, says he felt good about making original numbers in the age of recreations.

Karan is the vocalist of the boy band, A Band of Boys, who have come out with the new number “Nain ladalein”.

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“The experience on this song was as electrifying as the pulsating energy of the song. It was such a wonderful experience to tap the potential of the song with a place like Adventure Park (where it was shot). I felt good about the fact that we were creating original songs

in the age of remixes,” Karan said.

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He added: “Moreover, the inner child in me had a fantastic time experiencing all those rides, while shooting for the music video. I relived the good old days of indie-pop and my childhood.”

Composed and produced by Sherrin Varghese, the song was released on the official Youtube channel of the band and has garnered over 50k views.

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The music video features Sherrin Varghese, Chin2 Bhosle, Karan Oberoi, Danny Fenanded, Paras Tomar, Proneeta Swargiary, Amit Mhatre, Nischal Chaubey.



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