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Kareena Kapoor’s item number takes ‘Jawaani’ to new heights

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‘Jawaani’ used to be Kamsin, but it seems with the changing times it has become ‘Halkat’ and indeed the sense of halkat has been brought out in a rather brutally sexual manner by the item song that has been picturised on Kareena Kapoor in the Madhur Bhandarkar’s new film HEROINE.

Traditionally Jawani with reference to Hindi cinema was considered to be rather naive, full of innocence and joy de viv, but these days it seems with the exposure to the content through all kind of information network and devices, before one really becomes jawan, he or she is aware about the paraphernalia associated with Jawani and therefore it is not out of place to call it as ‘Halkat Jawani’. Halkat after all is an attitude, attitude of not bothering about what others say about it, but just push along and enjoy life to the most.

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As a matter of fact this has been the attitude of the youth of the present times, so it is not out of place to classify there reaching adulthood as halkat. In the street lingo of Mumbai halkat actually means a sirphiri or dimaag kharab karne waali, and indeed when jawani comes these days it also affects the faculty above the neck.

The voice over of Sunidhi Chauhan further adds elements of sexuality and sensuality to the song ‘Halkat Jawaani’, which was the purpose of introducing the song in the film. ‘Halkat Jawani’ is also an answer to Katrina Kaif’s ‘Chikni Chameli’ and by the buzz created around the song, it seems that ‘Halkat Jawani’ indeed would be a worthy competition to ‘Chikni Chameli’.

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‘Halkat Jawani’ song also is going to be a fashion statement moment as the pallu of the sari which was associated with numerous magic moments in Hindi cinema has now been done away with and now it is more of strip in existence, would it lead to creation of such saris post HEROINE would be a thing worth watching out for.

Coming of jawani had been celebrated by the world of Hindi cinema for quite a long time, but the celebration had an element of privacy associated with it. Be it ‘Ang lagja Balma’ from MERA NAAM JOKER, or ‘Bhai Battur’ from PADOSAN and scores of many such songs, every heroine celebrated the advent of jawani but as there was an element of shyness associated with reaching that stage, the announcement of having reached that stage was a self declared statement and not a statement for public consumption.

But may be as the times have changed, the graduation to this position has also to be announced in public. After all, the relationships processes that one is going through keeps on being put in detail through the social networking sites, then why not tell the world that the ‘Jawani’ that has come is ‘Halkat’ and it is a trigger to do what one wants to do, the latent urges now have to manifest.

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