Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Karishma Kotak wishes to work across all genres

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Actress Karishma Kotak, who will next be seen in the film BEDHAB, says she does not want to limit herself in one genre in the entertainment industry. Karishma interacted with the media to promote BEDHAB here on Monday.

"I don't come from any filmy background. I am from London. I was modelling in England, and then I moved to Bombay about 12 years ago. In 2006, I did a Kingfisher swimsuit calendar show and after that, I did a Telugu movie directed by Prabhudheva."

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"During that time, 'Bigg Boss' happened and I also hosted a TV special for the Indian Premier League. I did some amazing cameos in a film like FREAKY ALI with Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and in another film which starred Arshad Warsi," she said.

Karishma is content with how her journey has shaped up.

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"I like the place that I am in, where I am getting to do what I love. I get to dabble in acting, modelling and hosting. I don't want to get typecast in one specific genre of the entertainment industry. Now I am getting to dabble in various platforms, so I feel that I am blessed."

Talking about how she got an opportunity to work in BEDHAB, Karishma said: "BEDHAB just happened. I think I am very lucky that I got a call from Akash (director Akash Goila) who told me that I am doing a movie which features Sanjay Kapoor. He told me that there was one role in the film for which I was suitable. So, he gave me a synopsis of the story which was great."

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Sharing her experience of working with Sanjay, Karishma said: "Working with Sanjay was a wonderful experience. I think for many years, projects would come towards both of us to work together, but that didn't work out. Somehow, I think 2018 was the time. I believe everything in life happens at the right time and when it's meant to."

Karishma also praised Goila for being "very clear about what he wanted".

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