Kartik Aaryan and Ash King celebrate ‘Silent Open Air Cinema’ at Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival!

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Any festival calls for fun and tonnes of entertainment, and Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival held recently was no less. Imagine especially if you get Silent Open Air Cinema tagged along!

Yes! The innovative concept of ‘Silent Open Air Cinema’ which was introduced for the very first time in Mumbai turned out to be a sold out show. The special experience activity lived up to its title including Jalpa Vithalani’s exquisite artwork, Origami workshops, robotic displays, the interesting display of vintage cars and Heritage walks which provided an opportunity to discover the tremendous hidden gems and stories that are unknown to the world.

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Shubhra Bhardwaj – Founder and Creative Director of Ferriswheel Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. ensured that the grand launch of the second signature weekend surpassed the benchmark that they had set last year.

She said, “It was heartwarming to see such a terrific response in just the second signature weekend of the Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival's season 2. We hosted over 12,000 guests over the weekend and that has provided us the impetus to keep getting better in the upcoming signature weekends.”

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Kartik addressed his fans and clicked photos with kids during the screening of PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA 2. He said, “This is the first time I’m attending Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival – overall it's a celebration of the spirit of Mumbai and I am enjoying it.”

Ash King, ‘Alizeh’ (AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL) singer said, “Mumbai Ballard Estate Festival is a fabulous event and it was a great opportunity to perform live in front of a huge crowd.”

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The ‘Kheech Meri Photo’ (SANAM TERI KASAM) girl Akasa Singh had a blast performing in front of a live audience. “I had a blast performing at the Mumbai Ballarad Estate Festival and I look forward to performing here again!,” she said.

It can only be imagined what fun open air cinema would be!

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