Katy Perry: I kissed a guy and he didn’t like it

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Last year there were huge revelations made in the entertainment world when it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby were accused of sexual assault, two of the biggest names in Hollywood. This played as catalyst in bringing a radical change in how people perceived assault and harassment, and brought forth the #MeToo movement which went viral on social media which gained attention and spread like wildfire sending shockwaves throughout the world. Many well-known celebrities who had been hiding under a veil of untouchability were dragged out in the open and their crimes were made public. Among the likes of others film director Woody Allen and comedian Louis C.K. were too found guilty.

It showed it’s footprint in India too when singer and judge Papon was caught kissing a young girl on the show, Voice of India Kids 2018. Papon was immediately fired from the show after the video went viral and has since apologized stating it was “completely innocent”. It made rounds on social media and there was an outrage towards the singer and judge.

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Now coming to the Katy Perry incident, the pop singer has landed herself in hot trouble with such an incident, Benjamin Glaze 19, who was about to audition before being called to the judges table was asked a few questions one of which happened to be about kissing girls to which he replied, "I have never been in a relationship and I can't kiss a girl without being in a relationship."

Katy asked Benjamin to come towards her and asked him to kiss her on her cheek, to which Benjamin agreed and gave a small peck which left the pop singer unsatisfied and she asked for another, and at the moment when he went in to kiss again, Katy Perry turned around and kissed him on his lips, which took Benjamin by surprise and made him fall on the ground.

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It makes no sense to look for what is right or wrong but it is vital to know if the gesture was welcomed or had been forced upon someone because it is a form of sexual assault and if we’re supposed to move towards equality we need to look at both sides of the gender.

The pop star has not since spoken about it since the episode aired and we’re awaiting further information.

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