KEDARNATH takes Abhishek Kapoor on a roll

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After the success of ROCK ON! and KAI PO CHE, Abhishek Kapoor has another blockbuster on his hands with KEDARNATH starring Sushant Singh Rajput and introducing Sara Ali Khan.  
Over the years, the filmmaker has come to be synonymous with strong cont well-crafted films and dabbling in a variety of genres,all of which have spelled success at the box office.
While ROCK ON! explored the dynamics of friendship within the members of a rock band, KAI PO CHE was a drama based on Chetan Bhagat's 3 Mistakes of My Life. With KEDARNATH, Abhishek explored a love story set against the backdrop of the Uttarakhand floods and was well received by audiences across the country.
The film continues to go steady at the box office and is heading towards the 60 cr mark,despite a big Hollywood release – Comments trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “KEDARNATH crosses 50 cr. Maintains a strong grip in weekend 2, despite a reduction in screens with Hollywood biggie AQUAMAN. Should comfortably sail past 60cr on weekdays”.
Adds Box Office India, “KEDARNATH is on No 16 in Top 20 first weekend NBOC 2018”.
While KEDARNATH met with a few obstacles along the way , the film emerged victorious at the box office, something that Abhishek Kapoor had complete confidence in. He says, “Never did I doubt that I will complete this film, release it and it would make it to people’s hearts. Movies are like my children. I will do anything in my power to secure it and I have immense faith in them. Making KEDARNATH has been a yatra in itself. I’m a believer in shiv and it is that faith that has been with me through this entire journey
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