Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Kirti Kulhari suggests we follow a daily routine during lockdown

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Mumbai, March 30 (IANS) Actress Kirti Kulhari has a unique suggestion for citizens confined to their homes during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown. The actress suggests we should follow a daily routine for activities like waking up from sleep, watching TV and eating.

Kirti took to Instagram on Monday to share a video where she suggests: “I know it’s tough. We all go out to work everyday and are used to that life. Suddenly we are all sitting at home. I think one of the ways to tackle this is to have a routine. Please follow a routine of when to wake up, eat, watching TV, which will make things easier for all of us. Just stay at home and spread happiness, not corona.”

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The “Mission Mangal” actress requested everyone not to panic or get scared. “I know this lockdown is something that none of us ever expected. But it’s happening. First thing I want to tell you guys is, not to panic. No matter what the situation is, we must accept it. And whatever we do, we will have to be mindful. It is extremely important that we all stay at home in this period. Don’t feel scared, fear will never help achieve anything. You cannot stop the inevitable. But you can be careful and mindful.”

She also reminded us that we should not hoard food unnecessarily because that would mean depriving someone who is in need. “In the current situation, access to resources like fruits, vegetables etc have become slightly limited. I’d request you not to stock things unnecessarily. Just because you have the money to buy ten items if you need two, the person who needs just one such item will be deprived. Also, please don’t waste water and electricity,” she said.

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Kirti also suggested that we should not overeat during this period because we are stuck at homes and are unable to do any kind of physical exercise. So overeating would lead to weight gain. “We are all at home with our families. But that doesn’t mean that we will make a feast or party every day. Also, it’s good if you don’t eat excessively. Because you are at home and no workout is happening, if weight increases by the end of two months, you should not blame anyone. It’s good for your health,” said the actress.

On the work front, Kirti will soon be seen in the second season of the Amazon Prime web series “Four More Shots Please”, which is slated to release in April.

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