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Kirti Kulhari: Would love to play Tyrion Lannister’s role in Game of Thrones

She made her Bollywood debut with KHICHDI: THE MOVIE in 2010 and in mere seven years she did films like SHAITAAN, PINK and the recently released INDU SARKAR, which led to the association of her name with intense cinema, though personally she loves comedy and rom-coms and sports drama.

Her role as Falak in PINK touched everyone while her portrayal of Indu in INDU SARKAR moved people. Yes we are talking about Kirti Kulhari whose last film INDU SARKAR might not have worked at the box-office but the actress is glad that her role as Indu was appreciated by everyone. 

In an exclusive interview with Glamsham, Kirti talks about why she hasn’t analyzed anything about what went wrong with her last film and how filmmakers should be giving more time and effort into actually making a good film rather than focusing on its promotion. Here are the excerpts:


Were you happy with the kind of response your last film INDU SARKAR received?
Well every actor wants their film to do really well but unfortunately INDU SARKAR hasn’t so no I am not completely happy with the response but I am glad that my performance is being appreciated by everyone but I would have loved for the film to do much better.

Given the fact that Madhur Bhandarkar is known for his realistic portrayal and hard-hitting films, any idea about what went wrong with INDU SARKAR?
Honestly I don’t know. Box-office is a very different game. You can have everything right and still things may not work out. You had a series of film with big stars and they have just bombed at the box-office. So I honestly don’t know as I haven’t really analyzed what happened and why it happened because I think you can as an actor only work on growing as a performer and do your work better, learn from it and move on. I don’t think anybody can really pin point as to what went wrong and why this film didn’t work at the box-office.

So far what was the best compliment that you received for your portrayal of Indu in this film?
I received lot of messages like how I was not playing a character but I actually became Indu Sarkar. Compliments coming from people who actually stammer were the best as they have actually messaged me saying that they themselves also stammer and the way I have portrayed that on screen is very real and authentic so that’s a huge compliment for me.

Before taking up this film were you even for a second skeptical about it considering the controversial chapter it’s based on?
No I wasn’t as I don’t look at a film as how controversial it is or how risky it is. I only look at it as an actor how exciting and challenging it is for me. And I think films should be made on topics like Emergency more and more so that people become aware of these things that actually happened in our country. So I wasn’t hesitant at all in fact I was very excited being a part of this project.

So do you think that films have the potential to bring in social change in our society?
Yeah they absolutely do. Films are a huge medium not just in India but throughout the world and lot of times films show the society a mirror of what’s going on and since it is such a powerful medium it surely has the power in it, firstly to show a mirror to the society, make lot of people realize what’s the truth of various things are and then it’s not that films are here to give solution but to highlight what the problem is and why people need to change their attitude and mindset that is the biggest change that should be brought about.

You have done Post graduation in Journalism and Mass Communications so what inspired you to take up acting?
I didn’t want to become journalist. When I did my post-graduation I just wanted to study different subject at different point so after my Business Management in graduation I wanted to do something different. I was introduced to the world of acting when I was doing BMS. So while I was studying Journalism I still knew that I will finish it and get into acting.

So later did you take up any acting course?
I have never taken acting training before but then I started doing ads and stuff. I also started doing lot of theatre so whatever I have learnt in terms of acting it’s all because of theatre.

Since you have done play as well as films, what is more creatively satisfying?
Well working in play is more satisfying in terms of the whole process as you spend so much time on a character, script and you develop it that’s why it’s very satisfying. But if I have to say what I enjoy doing the most then it has to be films.

'Promotions can’t save a bad film'

You have done films of different genre like KHICHDI, SHAITAN, PINK and now INDU SARKAR. Personally which genre do you prefer?
I like a good story which could be of any genre but I think personally of course I have become a part of more of intense cinema but I really enjoy comedy, love stories, rom-coms, sport films. So these are some genres that I really enjoy being in and watching as well.

Madhur is one of the highly acclaimed directors of Bollywood so how was your experience of working with him for the first time?
I had a great time working with him. He is a very chilled out person as well as director. He is very easy to work with and to get along. He is very committed and involved with whatever he does. Although he makes very serious films but he maintains an atmosphere of fun and happiness on the sets of his films.

Tell us what’s the best part of being an actor?
The best part is that I get to live various characters, I get to be different people. I get to be in someone else’s shoes and look at things from their perspective. Living different lives in one life time is the most exciting thing about being an actor. I love every bit of it. I love connecting with people through these roles. Contributing a change in the society through the roles I do.

Apart from acting what are your other passions?
I love travelling, singing, reading and I love sports. I also love writing poetry.

As you said that you love writing so any plans of writing a script or directing a film in the future?
I have not thought about it as right now I am focusing on acting and I am very happy doing that so when I will feel bored of acting and I will feel that may be I need something else to try may be then I will look into it.

If one classic film is remade then in which one of them you would love star in?
I would love to do Julia Robert’s ERIN BROCKOVICH and in Hindi if I had to do I would love to do a MOTHER INDIA and SAHEB BIWI AUR GHULAM.

One thing you would like to imbibe from each of these three Khans- Aamir, Shah Rukh, Salman.
Aamir Khan’s ability to work on one project for a long time and give it his best in every possible way and come out and surprise everyone with every film that he does. Secondly with Shah Rukh Khan I would like to have his unlimited energy and stamina. And of course the charm of Salman Khan.

One actress with whom you would like swap your life with?
In terms of work there is couple of them like Vidya Balan and Alia Bhatt. I think Alia would be the one.

With so much debate on nepotism in Bollywood what do you have to say about it?
Yeah it is prevalent in Bollywood in fact not just in Bollywood but in every other field its there.

One recent film that blew your mind
Instead of movie I will name Game of Thrones as it is simply unmatchable.

So if given a chance to play any character in that series which one it would be?
I would love to play the dwarf Tyrion Lannister’s role in that series.

Name one most stylish actress and actor from Bollywood.
The actress would be Kangana and in actor it would be Akshay Kumar.

'I would like to swap my life with Alia Bhatt'

From the current lot of actors who inspires you the most?
Ranbir Kapoor as he is one person who gives his blood and sweat for any film that he is part of and in spite of his films not doing well at the box-office he is never scared of taking risks and bringing something new to the table.

These days’ filmmakers are spending too much on their film’s promotion rather on its content. Comment. 
Well I personally agree with that. We are giving too much importance to promotion these days. In terms of money, in terms of time and in just getting it right. But I think we do have to accept that till you have a good content in your film or if your film is not having the content, then promotions will work to a certain point but they can’t save a bad film. Yes we should be giving much more time and effort into actually making a good film.

If a biopic is made on any Indian politician or a sport star, who would you love to play?
I would love to play Indira Gandhi and in terms of sport people I would love to do a badminton player’s biopic but I think Saina’s is being done by Shraddha Kapoor so maybe I can do a biopic on Jwala Gutta.

Tell us about your upcoming projects
I have a film called RAITA with Irrfan Khan which is a black-comedy; it is being directed by Abhinay Deo. And I am gonna be starting something soon.

Any message for your fans?
Well thank you so much for all the love you showered on me for Indu Sarkar and the film and I hope that I keep surprising you guys with better work in the future.


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