KOCHADAIIYAAN: Rajinikanth like never before!

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When a leading magazine makes it a headline, Rajnikanth’s debut on a micro-blogging site, it indeed is a golden day in the history of Indian cinema per se, and for Rajinikanth in particular as the debut that he has made on it is to create an international buzz around his upcoming film KOCHADAIIYAAN. What is also worth underlining is the fact that the social media and the world of cyber space which was considered to be an entity which would not be able to replace the brick and mortar medium of publication has now evolved and now nobody worth its salt who wants to make their presence felt can ignore the social media. It also underlines the fact that indeed the present generation has forced this paradigm shift and through the active interface of social media has also forced a giant leap on the world of film making to transgress the language barrier and make cinema a really visual medium.

download KOCHADAIIYAAN wallpapers
download KOCHADAIIYAAN wallpapers

What has been lost in this din of debut of Rajinikanth on micro-blogging site with reference to KOCHADAIIYAAN is the fact that Rajinikanth’s latest offering is going to be dubbed and released in Bhojpuri as well. For the world of Bhojpuri film making, it indeed is a day of reckoning as when Rajinikanth has taken a conscious decision to dub and release his film in Bhojpuri as well. The supposed language barrier between the North and South of Vindhyas, which again formed a subject in 2 STATES, is at the cusp of being washed away, and who else but Rajinikanth has taken the lead towards this disintegration of artificial barrier.

KOCHADAIIYAAN is the perfect platform to do it, as it is a film seeped in mythology and the Bhojpuri film viewing public is a category that thrives and laps up the content that has been shot through and through with mythology.

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KOCHADAIIYAAN would be a personal landmark for Rajinikanth in the sense that his wife Lata returns to playback after a long time through this film. What would be interesting to watch out for on the eve of release of KOCHADAIIYAAN would be, whether Rajni Anna would also grace ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, as even Big B who otherwise has never appeared on such a platform earlier, did so, on the eve of release of BHOOTHNATH RETURNS.

If Rajni Anna does that, it indeed would be the day on which televisionwallahs would be able to say that television has triumphed over the world of cinema. Is that day round the corner?


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