Sunday, October 24, 2021

Kriti Sanon: I didn’t find Tiger Shroff shy!

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A Delhi girl who also has an Engineering degree to boast of, Kriti Sanon could well be one of the most educated girls around in Bollywood today. Not someone who started off with dreams in her eyes to enter the B-town, it was pretty much a luck-by-chance moment for this model turned actress to be launched alongside Tiger Shroff in much hyped HEROPANTI.

Being a model, was it comfortable for a glamorous girl like her to step into the part of a middle class girl in HEROPANTI?

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Smiles Kriti, 'It was in fact because in my day to day life I am actually a simple middle class girl who doesn't strut around in glam outfits. There are only a few days when I actually like to dress up. Otherwise you can catch me in simple jeans and T-Shirt for most of the times. For HEROPANTI though, my stylist Sonakshi made sure that I look good even as a simple middle class Haryanvi Jatt girl from a conservative family. She wanted me to look like this today's girl who likes fashion and isn't completely plain. In fact, I also get to wear shorts in the 'Pappi' song!'

One hears that Tiger was quite shy, especially when shooting for the 'Pappi' song, due to which Kriti had to go an extra mile to break the ice.

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'That was hardly the case,' she laughs, 'I keep hearing that he is a shy guy but that proved to be untrue. I remember meeting him the first time for a photo shoot. Our director Sabbir (Khan) had come to my vanity and told me that I should be conscious of the fact that he is a very shy guy. However on meeting him, I felt he was just a very regular guy. I didn't find any shyness in him. Guess I was kind of lucky that when I came on board, he had done countless screen tests with so many girls that as a person he really opened up with me. There was no ice to break at all.'

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