Kunaal Roy Kapur: No problem Ayushmann Khurrana hogging the limelight

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Although NAUTANKI SAALA is a two-hero film with Ayushmann Khurrana of VICKY DONOR fame and Kunaal Roy Kapoor of DELHI BELLY fame as leads, however all eyes are set on Ayushmann, considering his massive fan following and also his recent National Award win. So it is quite obvious Ayushmann hogging maximum limelight. However, it doesn’t bother Kunaal and considers stardom as secondary thing.

Kunaal Roy Kapur: No problem Ayushmann Khurrana hogging the limelight

Says Kunaal, ”I don’t have any problem even if he hogs all the limelight because anyways he is nicer in the limelight. Stardom is secondary because popularity and limelight are not of high importance. It is never a concern and these things don’t matter. I judge my co-stars as to how they well behave. I have a good collaborator and good co-actor in Ayushmann. It would be nice if I concentrate on acting. I don’t act because of limelight. I just want to act.”

The bromance between Ayushmann and Kunaal is the highlight of NAUTANKI SAALA! ever since the first look was out, a lot has been written about Ayushmann and Kunaal’s jodi, their chemistry in the film.

”People will like our pairing. The chemistry between us is genuine and not pretentious,” says Kunaal.

But ask if the duo can be termed as new-age Jay-Veeru (of SHOLAY fame) and Kunaal says, ”I don’t know about that. That’s too much to say. They are legendary pair. It’s unfair to call us Jai-Veeru. They have a special place in Indian Cinema. If our jodi can do magic then that’s good. But seriously we are not looking for comparisons.”

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Ayushmann and Kunaal’s camaraderie goes beyond screen. The twosome not only share a great rapport in the film but also bond, bringing the house down, in real life too. Since Kunaal and Ayushmann come from theatre background both have certain common sensibilities

”Ayushamnn respects rehearsal process he doesn’t take it as a joke. We share same sensibility and have same kind of sense of humor. We complement each other and have a common liking for e.g. we are big foodies,” says Kunaal

Talking about NAUTANKI SAALA! , Kunaal says, ”It’s not very loud, slapstick film. It’s fun banter kind of film.”

NAUTANKI SAALA releases on 12th April 2013.

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