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LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI: Angst of living in Mumbai

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Rakesh Mehta’s LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI is the latest attempt by a director to interpret his take on the mega city Mumbai and the struggle and the angst that the residents of the city have to endure on a daily basis to eke out a living. Indeed, coming at a time, when the city is grappling with the problem of the breakdown of the local train services on the central line, for the majority of the residents of the city LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI hai.

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As a matter of fact such is the level of struggle to survive for a common man on a daily basis in Mumbai that the oeuvre of interpreting the same continues to get diversified manifestations from the filmmakers from one time zone to another. But the underlining theme of all such interpretations is that one has to live with the fact in Mumbai that LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI hai, but such is the charm of the city that people refuse to go away.

LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI stars Kay Kay Menon, Pradyuman Singh, Ranvir Shorey, Neha Bhasin and Tom Alter- who returns to the silver screen after a really long time. Rakesh Mehta the director of the film has already earned his laurels through his maiden venture KHUDA KHUSHI that got him 19 international awards, and buoyed by this confidence he has stepped into the commercial film making arena.

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As is the wont of Mumbai so are the characters, principal four characters of the film, one has hopes in his heart, one is out there to con the gullible, one is on a revenge mission and one is man of errors and how all four gravitate towards each other and the after effects of such a collision.

LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI has two interesting characters one who speaks Bengali and another in the form of the Haryanvi police inspector who add flavour to the film. It would be interesting to see what kind of locations LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI has been shot, as city centric films get a nod from the audience if their identifiable telltale signs form a part of the cinematic landscape, but they should not be repetitive. Mumbai as a city has lots to offer, and LIFE KI TOH LAG GAYI would indeed one more flavor to the manner in which this magical city can be interpreted.

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