LIFE OF PI gives Indian animation industry international recognition

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The potential was always there and the whiz kids were working on relentlessly to give a sense of identity and recognition to the Indian animation industry, but it took a producer like Ang Lee to give the animation industry of India the recognition it deserves by roping in the animation professionals for his magnum opus LIFE OF PI.

view LIFE OF PI stills
view LIFE OF PI stills

Indeed, the number of nominations that LIFE OF PI has earned for itself at the Oscars have given a much needed shot in the arm for the animation industry in India. Another Hollywood film whose success has been catalyzed by the efforts of the Indian animation industry in PROMETHEUS. Icing on the cake has been the fact that the original silicon city of India Bengaluru based company Technicolor has been at the forefront of giving new moorings to the animation industry.

It is not that the success that the Indian animation industry has achieved is riding on the back of Hollywood films, LIFE OF PI and PROMETHEUS there are two Indian films in the form of DELHI SAFARI and HEY KRISHNA which have been instrumental in providing a sense of seriousness to the Indian animation industry.

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It indeed is one of the amazing facts that while the jobs in animation that are outsourced to India continue to register an annual growth of more than 20% on year on end, but the recognition was alluding. The situation may be understood from the fact that the Indian animation industry is now an industry worth Rs. 1100 crore, but it was not able to assert itself, being content only in doing turn-key jobs and 3D jobs in one form or the other for the outsourced work from Hollywood.

May be, if either LIFE OF PI or PROMETHEUS gets an Oscar award this year, it indeed would be the best brand positioning that industry would be craving for. However, the real recognition for the industry would come only when it is able to wean away the children of the present generation to its creations in the country, i.e. wean them away from the Doremons, Pokemons, etc., and then the animation industry would indeed be able to arrive in the real sense of the terms. In a sense a beginning has been made in this direction if one were to gauge the popularity that ‘Motu Patlu’, the new animation cartoon being aired, has got amongst the kids of the present times. May be more such ‘Motu Patlus’ are needed and industry for sure, would come out with such products in the near future.

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