Lily Allen says she’s married to David Harbour before correcting herself

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Los Angeles, March 21 (IANS) Singer Lily Allen, while hosting an Instagram Live chat together with boyfriend David Harbour, said she is married to the actor before quickly correcting herself.

During the interaction with fans, the 34-year-old talked about her “No Shame” album while laying on a bed with the “Stranger Things” actor, reports

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Asked by a fan how many of the 2018 album she has sold, she answered she had managed to sell only 5,000 copies.

When Harbour laughed in response, she told him: “I’m serious. That’s how bad things are these days. You think you married a popstar? You didn’t.”

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Realising she might have just spilled it all about their relationship, she quickly added: “Not that we’re married. We’re not married. I just want to make sure you know.”

To this, Harbour said: “But you are my wife.”

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Allen quickly replied: “Yes, we do pretend.”

The chat lasted over 40 minutes, during which the twosome also talked about how coronavirus affected their career as they were forced to practice social distancing.



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