LISTEN AMAYA: Farooque-Deepti still magical!

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When one first heard about LISTEN… AMAYA, the reunion of master actor Farooque Shaikh and splendid actress Deepti Naval was the first thing that stood out, taking nothing away from the remaining team.

view LISTEN... AMAYA stills
view LISTEN… AMAYA stills

Those who miss the 80s and the sweet, identifiable yet iconic films like SAATH SAATH, CHASHME BUDDOOR and KATHA etc. will swear by the Farooque-Deepti team, and the way they added substantially to the mentioned movies. The two could emote effortlessly, even without words, and even the most complex emotions came across beautifully.

Coming to LISTEN AMAYA, and based on the teasers, one can sense the comfort level and vibes, even after so many years.

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When we queried Farooque about whether the ‘good’ actor in him became ‘better’, his take (in his usual light vein) was, ”If you say that I am a good actor, then you can say (on that scale) I become very good!”

Well, we couldn’t have said it better, and once LISTEN AMAYA hits the cinemas it will be evident to one and all!

view LISTEN…AMAYA videos

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